Our New STORY is Style.Tech



#InsideSTORY this Fall STORY: an experience that connects the dots between style and technology (open through Oct. 12.) 

From the wearable revolution to the expansion of the high-tech maker movement to the worlds of fashion, art, and design, it’s a STORY that draws on Intel’s position as an innovation leader to ask how technology is moving outside its traditional realms to redefine what we put ON and turn ON.

As for what’s in store? ON the cutting edge: connected cocktail bling from Ringly, the exclusive launch of Withings Activité fitness watch, and high-tech menswear from Ministry of SupplyON demand: #SELFIE-taking via an Intel Galileo equipped mirror and customized caffeine with the TopBrewer by Scanomat, a futuristic faucet that pours custom drinks with the touch of a button. And as always, there will be plenty going on - innovative talks to maker workshops.

The story is #STYLETECH and it’s officially, on. 

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  • Check Your #SELFIE Out…

    In a mirror that snaps and shares its pictures, created by digital agency iStrategyLabs – exclusively at STORY!