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ZEITGUIDE Puts “Now” in Perspective


We’re so wild about you, sometimes it can be difficult to put our feelings into words… but that’s not a problem for you. Your founder Brad Grossman distills the constantly-changing forces of business and culture to provide context and opportunity to your readers. And your ability to do it year after year with such insight has us saying W-O-W. Connecting the cultural dots to illuminate a wide variety of subject matters, you’re right on the pulse of everything that matters, and that gets our blood pumping!

As retail innovators, we like to drive our industry forward, not just ride along – and your comprehensive 2017 compendium is an important tool for remaining future-proof. You’re our in-the-know partner for navigating a fast-paced world that’s always in flux, but one thing remains constant: we love what you do. Page after page, you keep us informed, excited, and ready to make moves that matter. You put the NOW in “knowledge,” and when we’re together, that puts us at the front of the pack.