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YOUR: Storytellers Share their Father’s Day Faves

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we know what we’re getting our dads. Read on for a list of some of our Storytellers’ disruptive must-gives.

My Father’s Day gift pick is definitely Sphero. It’s a tech item that’s cool to show off, but it’s also just fun and adorable to anyone who plays with it! My dad can even build environments for Sphero to navigate if he wants an extra-crafty challenge. Whether your dad is a techie or loves toys (mine is both), Sphero is a great gift.

The wireless signal, cellular, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, RFID, and NFC-blocking carryall from Silent Pocket will keep my dad’s data safe and secure! It’s a gift that’s as smart as it is stylish.

I want to get my dad the Voltaic Systems Amp Portable Charger. My dad does a lot of traveling around the world and is an avid photographer. I think it would be perfect for him to charge his camera batteries via solar power while he’s out all day.

For Father’s Day, I’d get my dad the Prynt because he’s really tech savvy and would think it’s fun.

I would get my father The Arrivals Nolan jacket. My dad is very stylish and always loves to keep something fashion-forward and attention-grabbing in his closet.