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YOUR: Five Storytellers Pick Their Favorites from Disrupt STORY

It’s exciting when the new product arrives for each concept, and our Storytellers are quick to pick their favorites. Something different speaks to each of us, and it’s this diversity of perspectives that empowers us to tell #DisruptSTORY in a cohesive and curated way. Read on for a look into our Storytellers’ personal favorites.

Hifza – Storyteller
My favorite product for #DisruptSTORY is Raspberry Pi, because it’s a charity that sells an amazing computer at an affordable price. It makes computer learning accessible, and it offers many educational coding opportunities.

Azania – Storyteller
My favorite product would definitely be the Shantell Martin and Print all Over Me bomber jacket collaboration. The style of the jacket gives me a late-80’s vibe, and the art itself reminds me of graffiti. Also, I love how the jacket makes a big statement with a distinct design in simple black and white. It’s a statement piece, and very eye-catching.

Sarah – Storyteller
My favorite product so far is the Prynt phone case. I can’t think of anything cooler than a hidden digital GIF in a real-life instantly-printed photo. That’s the future at its finest.

Cortney – Sales Lead
My favorite product so far is the Sphero.  It’s soooo cute ! For gamers, non gamers, children, and adults – It’s fun for everyone. The little robotic ball has so many capabilities, from fun color-changing LED lights to wireless control via Android or iOS device. You can never get bored, whether you’re just driving it, or unlocking its cool commands like flipping, spinning, or flamingo dancing! If your’e really creative, you can also combine simple commands to create more complex actions. Perfect for beginners (like me) to learn how to program, but also great for advanced coders!

Danny – Store Manager
My early favorite is the Recorder Mailbox Lil’ Mib from brandnewnoise! It’s way more fun to record 30-second audio clips and speed up/slow down the pitch than it has any reason to be. Plus, there’s something so oddly fresh to me about a device that doesn’t “connect”.