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YOUR: How Your Twitter is Your Key to Prizes at #DisruptSTORY

In Mr. Robot, E Corp (which protagonist Elliot Alderson calls “Evil Corp”) is a multinational conglomerate with terrifying power. The vigilante hackers of fsociety work to undermine this giant in any way possible, and now you can fight back too at #DisruptSTORY.

What appears at first to be a normal vending machine has a twist to be discovered: It’s been hacked! Simply showing your support for fsociety by tweeting two hashtags presented on the screen prompts the machine to dispense – At no charge to you, just E Corp!

A randomized algorithm delivers one of three prizes per tweet:

E Corp Water
Part refreshing beverage, part iconic collectable, these bottles bare the logo of the bad guys (but they’re a feel-good find for any Mr. Robot fan).

9oz S’well Bottle
An environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic, S’well bottles keep your beverage hot for twelve hours, and cold for twenty-four.

Urbanears Plattan Plus Headphones
Sleek minimalist style, 40mm handmade drivers, and built in remote and mic let the Plattan Plus create a snug and secluded experience of pure sound. Every hacker has their fixation, filter out the distractions with your favorite jams so you can discover your disruption!

Try the E Corp Social Vending Machine yourself at #DisruptSTORY!