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YOUR: Five Must Haves for a Summer Weekend of Doing You

You spend all week taking one for the team. This weekend, take one for yourself, and enjoy it even more with these five Saturday-seizing favorites for fun.

Make Hydrated Memories with Memobottle
The intuitive shape of the Memobottle, sized like reams of paper, slides simply into your messenger bag, laptop carrier, or purse. In addition to easy transport, these bottles disrupt the single-use status quo that crowds beaches with discarded plastic bottles.

Ride Safely into the Sunset with the Reflective Backpack by Bookman
Transforming easily from tote bag to backpack, this high-visibility carryall is essential for riders who spend the weekend in the saddle. From light to night, this accessory brings safety and style together in a disruptive collaboration with Notabag.

Bump Up Your Battery with The Bump
You don’t want to spend your weekend tied down to outlets. The Bump’s silicone rubber cord holder keeps you totally untangled, while the 1.5X battery bank keeps your device at 100% power so you can stay 100% focused on seizing the day.

Wear the Canby Acetate Atlantic Sunglasses by Shwood
Hand-cut from repurposed Atlantic Records vinyl and crafted with premium Mazzucchelli acetate in Shwood’s workshop, these shades will color every weekend experience with classic cool. Read more about the collaboration that created them here.

Rock The Stockwell Portable Speaker by Marshall
From the original lords of loud comes a speaker that blends classic aesthetic, modern tech, and decades of music-making experience to disrupt the standard portable listening adventure. Built for taking to the road, this is the lightest portable speaker Marshall manufactures, but it doesn’t sacrifice sound. Using two 2.25” woofers and a two-channel Class D amplifier, it’s the loudest speaker in its class.