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Yahoo Food’s Kerry Diamond on Being Nourished

So you want to be nourished? Come in, ground control and join Yahoo Food Editor-in-Chief Kerry Diamond and Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of L.A. juice shop, Moon Juicefor lunar vibes and extraordinary raw treats. Kerry and Amanda will be sampling a selection of Moon Dust’s tonics and other Cosmic delights. Here, Kerry shares a few wellness words to be nourished by…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Trust your intuition, cultivate your brain, and ask for forgiveness later.

What are 3 things you remind yourself daily…

Serenity now, tomorrow is a new day, and kindness is contagious

What’s your favorite ‘well being’ tip?

Get 8-hours of sleep and take a tech break!

And never be afraid to…Take risks!