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Woof, Press Paws With Tech For Pets

In an age of dogs with Instagram accounts and cat memes, it’s clear technology is changing how we connect with our pets. Just take a look at how the pooch-focused products in STYLETECH that are using technology to make owning and caring for your four legged friend easier:

FitBark: Because you’re dog can’t text you when he’s out sick, FitBark uses wireless technology to track and understand your pooch’s behavior. The smallest fitness monitor for dogs, it tracks your dog’s activity through a 3D accelerometer and Bluetooth module. communicating with iOS/Android smartphones or FitBark’s WiFi base stations.

iFetch: Playing fetch- it’s all fun and games until it’s not and you’re still tossing a slobbery ball every 2-minutes. Enter iFetch, an innovative solution to the disconnect between your want to throw and your dog’s want to fetch. Designed by the Hamills, a Texas family who feel your shoulder pain, the automatic machine replaces human power with 6C batteries and tosses a ball 10,20, or 30 feet. Fetching, right?

And for an analog treat…you can find Bow Wow Bones, all-natural biscuits at STORY. Each organic treat is handmade by adults with disabilities, making these biscuits best in show.