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Withings Activité Is An Entirely New Take on the Smart Watch

Smart watches are a new thing so there’s no set rules governing what they should do or look like. But so far, they’ve all pretty much looked like a full-color screen strapped to your wrist that does things like tell you when you get a text message. In this sense, the Withings Activité is creating an entirely new category that blends classic style with intuitive, health tracking functionality.

The device, which launched this fall, is part Swiss-made watch and part activity tracker that can monitor steps and sleep, allowing its wearer to visualize progress throughout the day.  How progress is defined is controlled by the user and like all Withings products, monitored by the “Health Mate,” which gives users personalized tools for data, coaching and motivation. The goal: to inspire health.

“Our products are created to help empower people to take control of their health giving them the access to and easy tracking of many aspects of their overall health,” reps say.

But with its handsome look, the Activité is at once in step with this approach, and a step forward for stylish wearables. STORY is the first (and only) place in the world where you can try on the piece and place a pre-order with expected delivery in early October.