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What's GOOD: Toms Roasting Co.

GOOD is…a wake-up call: millions worldwide lack clean water. TOMS, the maker of everyone’s favorite charitable slip on, is on a mission to change that, expanding into “sip ons” with TOMS ROASTING CO. True to the brand’s do-good model, each bag of beans sold will provide a week of clean water to a person in Rwanda, Malawai, Guatemala, Honduras, or Peru — the areas where TOMS sources its organic beans.

Sound good? Starting today you can taste/make the difference at STORY, where an in-store coffee cart will be serving made-to-order cups of TOMS ROASTING CO coffee and espresso. Whether you take it black or like it a little sweeter, each cup sold helps to fill someone’s water glass.

And we’d say that’s good to the last drop.