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Youth To The People

10 questions with cousins Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez, co-founders of the superfood-based skincare line, Youth To The People

Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds, you were raised in California? Did that play into your love of superfoods? 
We were born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and it played a major role in our love for superfoods. Additionally our entire family has always been very health conscience and eating healthy is a part of who we are.

Were you always interested in skincare? How did you decide to follow in your grandma’s footsteps? 
Growing up we would go to Grandma’s office all the time and play in the warehouse and run around.  Over the years we learned about different products just being curious kids who looked at everything she had in the building.  I think our first facial was around age 10.  A few years after college Greg and I both started to work with Grandma’s business with our family members and that inspired us to start YTTP.

What’s the most powerful piece of advice your grandma has given you? 
Grandma’s passion was to create the best possible product she could, that carried into our line and I think is a big reason YTTP has been successful so far.

What’s your favorite skincare ingredient to work with and why?
That is a tough one, we have so many great ones to choose from.  Our entire line has the cold pressed extracts of kale, spinach, and green tea which are fantastic for the skin. We also use cross-linked hyaluronic acid in a few products which is a great ingredient and hydrates the skin.

In addition to an awesome skincare regime, what’s something people should incorporate into their lives to help prevent aging?
Drink lots of water and protect yourself from the sun.

What are your daily rituals?
I start each morning with our cleanser then use various new products that we are developing. Last but not least, sun protection.

What are you most proud of thus far with YTTP?
We are so excited just to have the products available and seeing the great feedback from our YTTP fans. Each time we get an email or the like, it really drives us to do more.

What kind of superfoods can we look forward to you using in the future?
We just launched a mask that has spirulina in it which we are very excited about. A few new ingredients coming soon…

One item always found in your refrigerator?
Cold water and of course, kale.

Youth To The People in five words?
We believe youth is a mindset.