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Owl’s Brew Dynamic Duo

If you’re not already a big fan, it’s high time you get familiar with Owl’s Brew, a range of custom teas specifically blended to use in cocktails (and in now at Fresh STORY!). Over 11 questions and a special drink recipe, fun-loving founders Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield give us the tea on how they came to be.

How did you two meet, and when did you discover you both love adult tea beverages?
Jennie Ripps: I hired Maria as my intern when we worked in marketing!
Maria Littlefield: Jennie started playing around with tea and creating custom tea blends for restaurants. One day she asked me what I thought about tea and booze—how could I say no to that?! We started hosting tea cocktail parties together on the third story of our office and realized that perhaps we were onto something bigger.

What’s your favorite ingredient to work with?
JR: I usually start from a base and build from there. Green rooibos is terrific in the summer, it has a light flavor profile but you can layer onto it.
ML: Can I say…spirits? 😃

Who inspires you?
JR: I’ve had the opportunity to work pretty closely with other entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space. We’re all problem-solving, and I’m continually inspired by my peers. In particular, my closest peer—my co-founder Maria!
ML: I’m inspired by our team: their ideas, excitement, dedication and love for our brand allows us to continue to grow and innovate. We’re so lucky to work with such smart, thoughtful people.

Favorite NYC restaurant or bar?
JR: For lunch, No. 7 Sub. Every time I have one of their broccoli tacos, I’m amazed. It’s actually a little like Groundhog Day! It’s also conveniently very near our offices…
ML: Jeffrey’s Grocery. I love it for every meal, but especially brunch. I also take my Bloody Mary’s very seriously (really all cocktails), and their Bloody Caesar is the absolute best.

Any hidden talents?
ML: If you ask my office, I think they might say I have a hidden karaoke talent.

One item always found in your refrigerator?
JR: Cold brew iced coffee; Grady’s is my favorite.
ML: Califia Farms Almond Milk.

Any tea rituals?
JR: I drink genmaicha throughout the day. With my four-year-old, we make iced Barley Tea (Mugicha) and sip it together in the evening.
ML: I drink matcha and a splash of almond milk every morning. It’s still pretty hard to find when I’m on the road, so I’ve started checking little jars of matcha in my suitcase as well. I’m sure the TSA is a little skeptical!

Favorite subject in school?
JR: English and art history.
ML: Marketing and psychology.

What’s something we couldn’t find out about you from Google?
JR: I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 25!
ML: I’m getting married this summer!

What can we look forward to next from Owl’s Brew?
JR: We have some really delicious holiday cocktail mixers launching in the fall. Grapefruit Collins is one of my  favorites, it’s a delicious blend of lemon verbena, black pepper and  grapefruit.
ML: We’re also launching a few seasonal Radlers, so keep your eyes out for that!

What’s a special cocktail recipe we can share using Wicked Green?
JR: I love two parts Wicked Green, one part gin and a splash of passion fruit nectar.
ML: Honestly, Wicked Green and seltzer is one of my all-time favorite drinks ever.

Owl’s Brew in five words?
JR: Light, fresh, fun.
ML: Versatile, easy.