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Jack’s Wife Freda’s Maya Jankelowitz

We reached out to the owners of NYC’s effortlessly cool brunch spot, Jack’s Wife Freda, and asked them to bring some of their branded cult favorites to be featured at Fresh STORY alongside their new cookbook!  Check out our interview to learn some fun facts the restaurant’s co-founder Maya Jankelowitz.

11 questions with the co-founder of NYC’s effortlessly cool brunch spot Jack’s Wife Freda and co-author of a new cookbook, the badass restaurateur Maya Jankelowitz…

What is it about fresh food that inspires you?
It’s what we use, it’s what we subscribe to in life.

What are your favorite New York foods?
A great Greek salad, a good matzo ball soup.

What’s one piece of produce you couldn’t live without?
Cucumbers—they’re all my kids eat. And avocados, of course.

How do art and food go together?
They are one and the same; creativity, interpreting our tastes and feelings.

Any daily rituals?
Wake up, meditate, kids to school, yoga, work, work, work.

Favorite subject in school?

What is one fun fact we cannot find out about you on google?
I used to paint all the time and dream of being a film editor.

Favorite NYC restaurant or bar?
Blue Ribbon Sushi.

Who or what inspires you?
My husband.

Any hidden talents?
Soduko specialist.

If you weren’t a restaurateur you would be?
A painter.

For those who can’t make it to Fresh STORY, or live elsewhere, we hope you enjoy their classic lemonade recipe!