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Illustrator Claudia Pearson

11 questions with Brooklyn-based illustrator, children’s book author and colorful foodie Claudia Pearson (come see her fantastic fruit and veg mural at Fresh STORY!)…

What is it about fresh food that inspires you?
Buying directly from my local farmers market every Saturday for 15 years where the farmers know me and we discuss the harvests. I love understanding how our weather is affecting what we eat and building relationships with the individuals who work so tirelessly to offer it to us.

What are your favorite New York foods?
Veggie tacos from a Mexican food truck

What’s one piece of produce you couldn’t live without?

How do art and food go together?
They can both be wonderfully organic in shape and form so for me the endless varieties of patterns that can come from that is very exciting.

Any daily rituals?
Poached egg on gluten free avocado toast, greens and tomato (only when in season)

Favorite subject in school?

What is one fun fact we cannot find out about you on google?
I did ballet from age 4-14 and was convinced I would be a professional ballerina when I “grew up.”

Favorite NYC restaurant or bar
The Fat Radish and my local bar Sisters in Clinton Hill

Who or what inspires you?
All the women I know who run their own businesses and juggle everything life throws at us.

Any hidden talents?
I felt truly accomplished being able to do a head stand in yoga this year after practicing yoga for 20 years.

Photo of Sisters by Paul Quitoriano for The New York Times.