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What to Get the Hostess with the Most-ess

You could show up with a bottle of wine (like everyone else) – or you could impress with a gift that will make your host want to invite you back again and again. From fancy wine holders to the guiltiest of chocolate-bacon pleasures, here’s how to be their guest.

Rose and Fitzgerald Wine Holder: Handmade by an artisan in Uganda, these curvy one-of-a-kind wine holders make the bottle look like an art-piece. Don’t let that stop you from drinking it.

Driftaway Coffee Tasting Kit: This #PitchNight pick packages 4-freshly roasted whole bean coffees in a super gift-able kit. The perks: it’s a fun way to learn more about different coffee profiles.

Himalayan Candles: In fragrances like “Mistletoe” these candles marry evocative scents with beautifully bright reusable containers.