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We’re Thankful for These Five #PitchNight Discoveries

#PitchNightit’s exciting, it’s a little nerve-wracking, and it’s always full of surprises. It’s one of our favorite traditions (no matter what time of year) and we’re thankful to everyone who shows up and shows off.  Home For The Holidays is truly a celebration of all the Makers, designers, inventors and innovators we’ve met over the years. Here are just a few #PitchNight alumni we’re loving lately (and we think they’d all make pretty great gifts).

Brittle California
Crunchy, sophisticated and sweet, Brittle California’s almond confections are completely habit-forming. Sacramento-based brand combines premium California almonds with unique flavors like Mexican hot chocolate and espresso salted caramel. We’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, so may we suggest sampling one of each.

Wicked Finch Farm
Wicked Finch Farm is nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley and boasts more than 200 years of history. In its current incarnation the farm turns out decadent, boozy jams that have quickly have become staple of our pantries. We love Blueberry Bourbon on top of weekend pancakes, and Strawberry Prosecco makes your morning toast feel celebratory no matter what day of the week it is.

Caffe Unimatic
The perfect cup of coffee is a family tradition with Caffe Unimatic. Conceived and designed in Brooklyn by Peter Cardiello in the 1960s and revived by his daughter Elisabeth Cardiello in 2011, Unimatic percolators brew a bold cup of coffee and make a equally strong design statement atop the stove.

Honey Soles
Honey Soles attracted the eye of more than a thousand backers on Kickstarter, eager to get their hands (errr, feet?) on these cushy insoles. Designed to provide increased stability and comfort, these ergonomic insoles help with your posture and alignment. This time of year, we’re big fans of the Bear Soles, which feature premium Australian shearling for extra coziness.

Katilu Home
Founder Sarah Vreeland set out to blaze her own trail in 2017, launching Katilu Home after more than decade in design and product development. Her range is perfect for easy entertaining. Case in point: the Lady Camel Marble Bowl. It’s painterly pattern is gorgeous on the table and totally fuss-free, thanks to its durable, dishwasher-safe melamine construction (which is BPA-free, natch).