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Well + Good’s Ultimate Squad and Its Health Goals

If you’ve yet to make Well + Good part of your daily digital diet, clear space in your bookmarks. Last night the online destination for all things health and wellness gave us a first look at its new “Well and Good Council”—a handpicked squad of experts, each an entrepreneurial force reshaping what it means to live your best life. According to co-founders Alexa Brue and Melisse Gelula, the council is meant to empower the Well + Good community with access to the individuals who are on the frontlines of the wellness space, so you have tailored inspiration, motivation, and advice at your fingertips.

Who made the cut? Barry’s Bootcamp founder Joey Gonzalez, food shrink Dr. Drew Ramsey, Ladies Get Paid founder Claire Wasserman and STORY-favorite Norma Kamali, to name a few. Each council member is tasked with sharing their work and personal passions for Well + Good around the topics that matter most to you, from confidence and nutrition to how to stay healthy when you travel. That means you can expect answers to questions like “Can fasting cure jet lag” from  Nutrition Stripped founder McKel Hill, RDN alongside much-needed daily health hacks, including this list of how to get through your next happy hour. 

A wellness think tank. It’s kind of a beautiful thing.