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[WATCH] Milan Design Week: The Journey that Inspired Creativity STORY

Every year, Milan becomes ground zero for design, the storied city transforming into a showcase for creativity from around the world. For the past three years, Lexus has put itself at the center of the conversation through the Lexus Design Award, a challenge issued by the brand to the next generation of designers. This year, STORY founder Rachel Shechtman was able to travel with Lexus to Milan to participate in their exhibition, “A Journey of the Senses” and see first hand how this year’s crop of designers explored the senses through original work.


On display in Milan were four designs that had been selected by Lexus’ panel of designers and mentors for prototype development as well as eight finalists – each chosen for the originality and creativity with which they addressed the senses. The “Grad Prix” was ultimately awarded to Sensewear, a collection of accessories designed to interrupt the sensory experience of its wearer. But, for STORY, the true standout of the experience was LUZ, an orbital, ambient light piece by Spanish designer Marina Mellado.

“Luz is a luminaire where the light interacts with nature and removes the barrier between the inside and the outside of a home. I wanted the light to be alive, and to breathe life into the home,” says Marina of the invention, which she submitted to Lexus  as a prototype. Her project was chosen from over 1500 entries to be developed with support from Lexus and mentorship from London designer Max Lamb. Together they worked over 6-months to bring the mimetic and architectural light to life with specialized sensors and a fully programmable spectrum of LEDs. The result: next level atmospheric lighting.

Discover LUZ at Creativity STORY and see how it’s illuminating a bright future.