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Warm Up With Bethany Lyons of Lyons Den Power

Since founding Lyons Den Power Yoga, entrepreneur Bethany Lyons has not stopped making moves. Her pulse-quickening Open Level Power Class comes to STORY on February 13th from 9-10AM, so we decided to get to know the mind behind the motion.

Since you started Lyons Den, do you just get to do yoga and work out all day?

No! Being an entrepreneur in New York City is an all-day, every-day kind of job –but I certainly would not trade it! Like most people, I have to actually schedule in yoga to make sure I get to practice enough.

Was starting a yoga studio always part of your plan?

It kind of surprised me, actually. I am a lifelong dancer, and I stumbled into my first yoga class by accident. I went in thinking it would be great cross-training, but several months later I found out it was so much more. It ended up becoming my career after I realized it was my calling.

That must feel good: To have found your calling.

It does feel good– in the sense that feeling good means being at ease, but also being in action in the moment. Feeling good is holistic health, balance, and presence as a verb. To feel good is to know all is well – even when everything is not perfect. So I don’t expect perfection, but I do feel good.

What can our customers expect if they attend your class?

This power yoga class will mirror the POWER FLOW class that we give at Lyons Den Power Yoga in Tribeca. The three techniques in Baptiste yoga – the style taught at The Den – are Meditation, Asana and Inquiry. We will explore all three, and we will also explore how our comfort zones are actually very uncomfortable– playing outside “business as usual” is where we can experience real presence, joy, and wellness.

This will probably be an easy answer for you, but what’s the last thing you did that made you feel really good?

I did karaoke with a group of friends and community members last Friday night. There are times when it’s best to turn off the laptop, have a glass of Malbec, and get on stage with some friends belting out cheesy 80’s & 90’s songs.

Follow Bethany Lyons @BethanyALyons and Lyons Den Power Yoga @LyonsDenPY