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Top Three: Keeping Cooped-Up Kids Entertained Without Screens

‘Twas a cozy winter morning and all through the home, not a kiddo was bored and not a screen was aglow. Our top three picks for keeping kids entertained are no joke. Turn your phone to airplane mode and get in on this all-ages-approved fun.


Adorable Wifi-enabled plush Talkies let littles ones chat toy-to-toy, so they can keep in touch with the rest of the kids’ table. Plus, the Talkies app is smartphone compatible, allowing so they can chat with older family members and other parental-approved contacts.

Kid Made Modern

Permission to color outside the lines: granted. Spend the day telling your own superhero story with a DIY comic book kit or get artsy with a studio art kit packed with everything you need for sketching, coloring and painting.

Technology Will Save Us

Take craft-ernoons to the next level with these STEAM skill building maker kits. Turn the living room into a lab and watch as kids turn into innovators, tapping into their creative super powers.