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Too-Hip-to-Be-Square Accessories

“We’re not cute. We’re cool.”
                                                     –Filburt Turtle, Rocko’s Modern Life

Whether your inner ’90s child channels Baby Spice’s saccharine cuteness or Edward Scissorhands’ uber-cool gothic chic, there’s no denying that no matter what look you’re trying to nail, it all comes down to accessorizing. Cute or cool, these inspired accessories are the must-have pieces of flair to complement your back-to-school wear.

The Pappwatch by I Like Paper
Based in Berlin, this creative company crafted an ultra-thin statement watch for when it’s time to accessorize your expressive look. Made of tear-resistant and lightweight Tyvek, this resilient piece of wrist-wear is so “nerd chic,” it’s cool.

Kickstarter-funded and NYC-based, Hickies set out to redefine the sneaker world with their responsive lacing system. Crafted of a memory-fit elastomer, these colorful lace replacements make tying your shoes a thing of the past. Add them to your favorite old-school sneaks to give them a streamlined second life!

Fanny Packs & Color Club Hat by Mokuyobi Threads
Based in Los Angeles, Mokuyobi named their company after the Japanese word for “Thursday” – an homage to the day where there’s always something to look forward to around the corner. Strap on that vibrant, optimistic aesthetic with these coated Nylon fanny packs that are perfect for carrying your essentials in throwback style. And sport this vintage lid that shows you like to hang loose (in the way that your ’90s clothes fit).

Various Keytags
For fans of design and organization looking to spice up their functional finds with a little fun, Various Keytags are the no duh accessories that put a little personality in your pocket. Snag these microsurfaced impact acrylic keytags to say bye bye bye to boring with familiar throwback phrases.

Emma Lomax Pouches
Designed in London, each embroidered pencil case (in the shape of a pencil –ha…hahaha) and clear pouch featuring snazzy kicks is hand-finished by a seamstress in India. Blurring fine craftsmanship with quirk, these gems will take you to the far ends of the Back Street Boys tour (and back, alright!).

Laser Kitten Pins
Based in Los Angeles, Marisa Ravel of Laser Kitten creates pins that celebrate the best of ’90s iconography: Zach Morris, mix-tapes, and (jumbo) mobile phones included. Collect them all, then flash them on  your acid-wash jean jacket or fanny pack.

There’s much more accessorizing where that came from. Visit us @thisisstory for more ’90s flair that’s too-hip-to-be-square.