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Toasty Time Has Us S-mitten

Dear Toasty Time,

We have to hand it to you: Using a sewing machine, a hoodie, some mittens, and a cold winter evening, your founder  and #PitchNight alum Cindy Kahng was able to create a truly unique garment that keeps hands warm (with a stitch of whimsy). Silly, comfy, and oh-so-toasty, your hoodies with mittens as pockets let us show off our playful side while telling the cold to take a chill pill! We love a startup story with a simple stroke of genius, and your journey from crafty evening alone to partnering with a family-owned knitting factory in Schenectady is an inspiration to makers everywhere.

Now that you’re Home for the Holidays with us, we’re having trouble keeping our hands to ourselves (and out of those super-soft brushed yarn mitten pockets)! It’s a toasty treat to have your hoodies in our ‘hood. We knew when we met you at #PitchNight – our open call for designers and makers – that your creative sensibility and quality craft would compliment our perspective like milk and cookies or… well, like mittens and hoodies!