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TO-DO: Secure Your Stuff

Don’t miss your flight! It’s time to head Home for the Holidays (or just escape to your favorite vacation location), and your bags are packed – but you don’t have to leave your peace of mind behind. Secure your stuff no matter where your journey takes you with our “keep it safe” to-do list.

1. Make your luggage easy to locate by adding the app-connected LugLoc to your packing list. Using GSM-GPRS location technology, this Android and iOS compatible luggage locator can find your possessions anywhere they end up (because baggage handlers don’t always have a handle on where your bags need to be). FAA, TSA, and FCC Compliant, this compact find minimizes the hassle of finding a lost bag. (Photo above.)

2. Secure your keys and charging cord using Nomad’s rugged NomadClip made with an engineering-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and steel. Carabiners have a variety of uses, but the NomadClip has one more than your typical clip: it contains a charging cord for your phone!

3. Become un-hackable and un-trackable when you go off the grid by using Silent Pocket’s line of Cellular, Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS-blocking faraday cage leather goods. Classically cool in their aesthetic, these wallets, sleeves, and carryalls make sure your data is undetectable to potential threats.