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Tidal New York Raises the Flip-Flop Game

No shoes? No service!!!

It’s too hot to handle closed-toed shoes this time of year, so we’re warming up to Tidal New York for an exclusive flip-flop collaboration.

Founders (and brothers) Tommy and Tim Gibb founded Tidal on the simple idea that in order to make flip-flops better, it needs to be done right here in the U.S. of A. As American factories shutter one by one, production has vanished from the American landscape, and it’s time to turn the tide.

Tidal’s Homegrown for Good Factory takes pride in making “T-shirts for your feet” in New York state with the ultimate goal that America can once again become a player in footwear manufacturing, and it all starts with training veterans.

After Tommy attended a gala for Heroes in Transition, a nonprofit that raises money to help veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, he decided that there had to be more his business could do to help. The brothers decided they would not just hire veterans, but also provide training that could put them on a management track.

Building on their “All-American” ethos, Tidal partners with licenses that represent some of the best of American culture, and they have created a high-resolution printing process to bring these cultural icons to life. So (no diggity) no doubt, it was a no-brainer that we teamed up with Tidal for three distinctly ’90s prints that bring back all the feels. From a Homeroom Mashup of classic characters to SpongeBob and Ren & Stimpy fan faves, the other shoe has officially dropped with our #RememberWhenSTORY collaboration.

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