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This Ring Tells You When You Have a Message

Waiting for wearable technology to look like everything else in your closet before you’ll join the “always on ranks?” Meet Ringly, the buzzy NYC start-up recently behind a collection of connected cocktail rings.

The inside story behind the product is that co-founder and CEO Christina Mercando wanted to create a striking accessory that would empower women to away their phones, without missing a message.  “I continued to miss calls and texts because my phone was in my purse and I hated leaving it on the table and feeling so dependent on my phone. I realized many of my friends were having the same issues, so I started to think: what if I could make my jewelry smart?,” she says.

Christina worked with Bluetooth LE as well as a jewelry designer to develop a ring that could deliver discreet notifications through pre-set vibration patterns and blinks of light. There’s also a tiny bulb on the side of the ring that alerts you to incoming calls, texts, emails, Instagram notifications…the list goes on.  It will even tell you when you’ve left your phone behind. Could you just hold onto your phone? Sure. But there’s a lot to be said for taking a break from the screen, plugging into what’s going on offline, and still knowing someone liked your photo.