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This #PitchNight Pick Keeps Little Hands Warm

There’s nothing cozy about Canada right now. But the climate provided plenty of inspo for Anna Maria Mountfort, mom-turned-founder of children’s mitten line, MimiTens. As she explained at our most recent #PitchNight (fun fact: she flew all the way from Canada to pitch us,)  if you buy olive oil from Italy, kids mittens from Canada is pretty logical.

But Anna Maria’s mittens aren’t your typical hand warmers. Instead they feature an adaptive design with a 6-inch stretchy cuff so that they’ll actually stay on while your little one has a snowball. They’re also made responsibly in Canada from eco-friendly, Oeko-Tex certified materials like bamboo fleece and 3M Thinsulate and feature super-cute characters.

Consider us s’mitten.

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