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These Three Products Bring Mindfulness to the Table

Eating well is crucial to feeling good. Big and small, Vegan and Paleo, we all have our nutritional needs and preferences—#GoodToKnow there are innovative new ideas emerging that elevate any dinner or diet!

Drop Kitchen Smart Scale
Connected to a constantly expanding recipe app, this kitchen scale adaptively responds to your culinary creativity in real time by opening the digital door to an interactive database of recipes, coaching your cooking step-by-step, and rescaling recipes to the exact amount you want to make.

Babies are notoriously messy eaters, and while their struggles to get the food into their mouths instead of on their faces can be cute, there’s a better way: Spuni is a hypoallergenic, BPA-free spoon crafted with an ergonomic “Tulip” profile that activates baby’s natural latching instinct—making for easier eating for parents and little ones alike.

Eating too quickly is harmful to your digestion—and to your enjoyment of the meal. Track your eating habits and receive subtle signals to savor the flavor of every bite with this connected smart fork that gently vibrates when you’re eating in unhealthy intervals.
For more mindful must-haves, nutritious treats, and inspiring recipes visit the EATS section of Feel-Good STORY.