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The Thync Wants to Stimulate Your Brain and Help You Recharge

Maybe you like a cup of coffee (or four) to keep yourself focused during the workday, or a glass of wine to wind down at the end of a long day– but what if there was a way to alter your mood without chemicals? That’s the concept behind Thync, the wearable module that seems like wizardry, but works like science– as explained in our chat with the minds behind it.

I’m a coffee addict. Is the Thync going to change that?

Quite possibly. Thync offers people a digital alternative to mood-altering drugs such as caffeine and alcohol. Sometimes that 3rd cup of coffee can keep you up all night. Thync is the digital, natural solution that wasn’t available until now.

But how does that work?

Thync uses low-energy waveforms to safely and comfortably stimulate nerves on your head and face. These nerves signal specific areas of the brain that cause your body to relax or energize.

This could be a silly question… But are you sure that’s safe?

Of course. We’re scientists, so we run meticulous trials to verify our claims. We tested our products on thousands of people to ensure not just that the Thync is safe to use, but that it demonstrably beat the placebo.

Speak to your team’s scientific background.

The company started in 2011 when Isy Goldwasser, the former president of materials sciences company Symyx Technologies, heard about the work of Dr. Jamie Tyler, a professor at Arizona State University who was exploring the use of ultrasound to modulate brain patterns. Our current staff includes experts in the fields of neurobiology, neuroscience and consumer electronics from institutions that include MIT, Harvard, and Stanford Universities.

So Thync has been a scientific project since its inception.

It was. We knew there was a way neuroscience and technology could come together to impact people’s daily lives for the better. Thync can give people the energy to do more, go harder when they work out, or sleep better for a more productive tomorrow. Thync is the first product of its kind to help people be and feel their best through out the day, naturally.

I’m excited to try it. Any parting words or advice for our followers?

Make sure you get enough sleep and exercise, and let us help you with both.