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The Smart Rope That Gets a Jump on Goal-Oriented Fitness

Regular cardio workouts are necessary to heart health, but they can be inconvenient and tedious to accomplish. The Smart Rope is a connected jump rope from Tangram Factory that solves both of these problems with double-dutch deftness.

Why a jump-rope?

The great thing about a jump-rope workout is that it’s extremely efficient cardio, burning more calories than running with less shock, while improving coordination and building bone strength. You can do it virtually anywhere, it’s completely portable, and can be done in 3-5 minutes.

That’s a really short workout.

Working out and getting fit doesn’t have to be a separate activity from the rest of your life. Even if you have five minutes during a busy day, you can get a quick cardio workout.

So the philosophy behind the Smart Rope was to make cardio quick and accessible?

That’s putting it too simply. We want to create devices that empower active life. We do all sorts of things to try and make us more productive, but taking a break from work and life’s stresses during a quick workout can pay off beyond the purely physical. It helps clear your mind and helps get you motivated for life outside the workout itself.

So there’s a mindfulness element alongside the fitness element.

And a fun, motivational element! Smart Rope makes cardio smarter and more fun –if you sync to our Smart Gym mobile app to track your jump count, calories burned, and workout times, you can get recommended interval training sessions based on your fitness goals and stay motivated by unlocking rewards and competing with your friends.

So there’s a social side too? Alright, I’m jumping on this Smart Rope bandwagon. Any parting words of advice or wisdom for our followers?

Try to chop up your day into small opportunities to be more fit. Take the stairs once in a while instead of the elevator. Walk around the block while you wait for a file to download or a kettle to boil. And if you’re getting the afternoon blues, jump rope for a few minutes – probably a lot more effective than that cup of coffee!