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Pitch Night, STORY’s signature open call for designers and makers brings together makers of all disciplines to share their products and the stories behind them. Here, former Pitch Nighters give us the inside story…

Novel Studios had us before founder David Cazso had completely pitched the Pitch Night panel his concrete candle. A gorgeous manifestation of the raw intersection of materials, its design speaks to the studio’s experience-driven approach and consideration of precious moments of interaction. Here he shares the people and places that inspire work that’s just plain novel.


Current location: Brooklyn, New York

In one sentence, what is Novel Studios known for? For its raw aesthetic and concrete candle

Where’s your favorite local place to get coffee – and how do you take it? The backyard of Saturdays in Manhattan and AP cafe in Brooklyn are beautiful places to hang out with a very unique vibe. I always go for a black Americano or espresso on the rocks.

What excites you about being a small business in your city? That we have the creative freedom and excitement to building  something from the ground up.

What role do materials play a part in your creative process – how is each piece made? My mind, it’s always ahead of the game. Being an observer helps a lot, because I’m always looking for textures, looks, feels, smells and experiences. I guess the role of materials in my creative process is that they allow me to get connected to all my senses. There’s is a lot of work and conceptual ideas behind the concrete candle; its a design piece, a sculpture. Each piece is unique, hand-poured and hand-crafted. The scent is our own blend made of pure essential oils, the concrete is cast in industrial molds, and it’s a process for the concrete to dry and wax to cure.

Where’s the last place in your city you were inspired, by what? Each week I love going to museums or galleries. The new Whitney is my latest muse, and I get inspired by everything from the architecture to its modern art and sculptures—and the instant connection of the city from its rooftop and terraces.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to fellow entrepreneurs? Go out and expose yourself. It’s up to you what you can create and achieve; inspire each other with what you do. It’s the most genuine way to sell.

 What small business do you love, who or what makes it great? I love the thousands of coffee shops around the city because they create an inspiring space for human interaction, connections and great conversations.

Where’s the first place you’d send a visitor in your city? Usually to a rooftop and my favorite local places; Times Square is not even an option.

What’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about Novel Studios? We are a team built with different disciplines and backgrounds that started as friendship with mutual aspirations but the same vision. Our next product is a perfume: the bottle is made of concrete, the scent full of nostalgia and novel fragrance.