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The Pip is Out to Make Stress Manageable by Making it Visible

Stress can look like many things: sleeplessness, weight gain, mood swings – even grey hair. But just because we see the effects of stress, doesn’t mean we have a clue what’s happening inside our bodies when it’s triggered. The team behind The Pip strives to empower people to understand and overcome the stress that hides in everyday moment by making it possible to visualize your stress levels and actively learn how to best manage them. Here they explain the science behind the device and why the key to unlocking your stress could be in the palm of your hand.

I need to start with this, because I’m really curious– How exactly does this work?

The Pip detects electrodermal activity (EDA) – changes in the skin’s ability to conduct an electrical current. The fingertips have one of the highest concentrations of sweat glands. That’s why you hold the Pip between your fingertips: It detects EDA 8 times per second, accurately determining if your body’s relaxing or stressing.

So with The Pip, I get real-time scientific data about my body’s stress responses.

Precisely, and that’s a very useful data set. We can’t control the external factors that cause stress, but we can learn to harness our reaction to stress and kick-start a life in control. It’s very hard to control something you can’t see, but The Pip lets you actually see stress.

The Pip gives me detailed information about when I’m stressed by detecting EDA– and then I use that information to plan my stress management?

That’s essentially it. The Pip accurately visualizes what you are feeling as you are feeling it. The Pip connects your emotions with Apps, teaching you not only how to recognize stress, but how to live a life that can withstand it.

And that’s all information I couldn’t have accessed before this technology?

Maybe in a lab, but The Pip is designed to fit into your everyday life, letting you take five minutes to re-focus and re-energize in the office, on the subway, or at home. It’s literally right at your fingertips.

Very cool. The Pip is a perfect fit for Feel-Good STORY. Do you have any parting words or advice for our followers?

Look after your mental fitness. Modern life is busy, demanding, and always switched on– this takes its toll on our minds, bodies, and well-being.