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The Foldable, Fashionable, and Fantastic Bicycle Helmets of Closca Fuga

Most bicycle helmets are so inconvenient to carry and fashion-backward that it’s tempting to leave them behind, but they’re a critical part of any cyclist’s safety. Closca Fuga is an innovative company that designs helmets with none of these problems, and we convinced them to put down their kickstands for long enough to talk to us about it.

A foldable bicycle helmet is an idea that seems out-there at first, but is actually pretty genius. Where did the inspiration come from?

It was Carlos Ferrando, a co-founder of the company, who realized in a conversation with his wife that standard helmets were not adapted to the ways that urban cyclists live. He decided to evolve the helmet, focusing on two important handicaps conventional helmets have: Excessive volume that makes carrying it difficult, and a look that is totally disconnected from personal style. So the foldability solves the volume problem. Closca Fuga helmets reduce in volume by 50% when folded, making them easy to slide into a messenger bag, purse, or coat pocket.

What about style?

Closca Fuga has already made detachable visors and other accessories that riders can use to style their helmets, and more designs are in development, so newpossibilities are always around the corner.

Sounds both cool and convenient.

It is, but without compromising safety. The Closca Fuga is a true fashion accessory, but it provides 100% of the protection that a traditional helmet does– just withsome added features.

Well, it’s a great idea, and I’m glad to see helmets evolving to fit something other than Tour-De-France style. Do you have any final words of wisdom or other advice for our followers?

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