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The Disrupt List: Volume III

Disruption is a social, political, technological, and cultural force.

We partnered with many disruptive makers, artists, and brands for #DisruptSTORY. Inspired by these partners, we asked them to share who inspires their work, and who encapsulates what it means “to disrupt” in their minds.

This is Volume III of our three-part Disrupt List series. Read on for the thought-leaders that our favorite disruptors idolize.

Silent Pocket
Coupling technical innovation with fashionable focus, Silent Pocket offers consumers a tangible way to disconnect from the grid with cellular, RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-fi blocking leather essentials. Who do they look to as disruptors?

Edward Snowden – a man doing what was right for the wealth of the people. By providing transparency to the underbelly of corporate and government reach, we are advancing software and communication to be private and encrypted. – Aaron Zar, Founder & CEO

Brik Book
Brik Book saw that adults have a difficult time expressing their “inner child” in a professional work setting, so they built a customizable and build-able Macbook case that helps the young (and young at heart) express themselves wherever they go. Who is their disruptive inspiration?

Airbnb is an example of an incredibly disruptive company. They’re changing the world by accelerating the sharing economy, and it’s just the beginning. – Brett Miller & David Dripps, Founders

To really break people’s habits around single-use drink bottles, the co-founders of memobottle designed an alternative glass bottle with a paper-inspired shape that was truly convenient, beautiful, and sustainable. Who encapsulates “to disrupt” to them?

Uber – They’re revolutionizing paid private transport and disrupting the previously stale and non-innovative taxi industry. – Jesse Leeworthy & Jonathan Byrt, Founders

That’s it for The Disrupt List. Visit #DisruptSTORY to see our partners’ products in person, and check out Volumes I & II if you missed them!