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The Disrupt List: Volume II

“To disrupt” is a phrase that is as rebellious as it is productive.

We partnered with many disruptive makers, artists, and brands for #DisruptSTORY. Inspired by these partners, we asked them to share who inspires their work, and who encapsulates what it means “to disrupt” in their minds.

This is Volume II of our three-part Disrupt List series. Read on for the thought-leaders that our favorite disruptors idolize.

Lumio creates minimalist and multi-functional lamps that disrupted design convention from the moment they appeared on the market. The new Mini Lumio is compact, comes with a removable spine, and doubles as a phone charger. Who is Lumio’s disruptor of choice?

Dyson. They re-invent and improve everyday objects with a fresh new perspective that make us re-think the way we use those objects. – Max Gunawan, Founder

Lil Gadgets
Lil Gadgets created the Untangled Pro as a tangle-free bluetooth headphone option for kids that doesn’t sacrifice quality of materials or sound (all while protecting little ears with healthy volume caps). Who, to them, encapsulates disruption?

The easy answer is Warby Parker. The simple idea of sunglasses via mail was made possible with a generous home trial and supported with amazing customer service. – Jacquie and Jason Hembrey, Founders

The Arrivals
Creating extremely elevated fashion at an accessible price, The Arrivals draws from the architectural background of its founders to create outerwear that is untethered by the industry status quo. Their several disruptive picks are below.

Le Corbusier (Architectural vision), Charles and Ray Eames (Elevated design and industry can co-exist), Steve Jobs (Performance can be beautiful). As designers and entrepreneurs, our inspiration spans generations and genre, we look to those disruptors that rejected the standard in pursuit of that which no one else believed was possible and forever changed the world. -Jeff Johnson & Kal Vepuri, Founders

That’s it for Volume II of The Disrupt List. Visit #DisruptSTORY to see our partners’ products in person, and check out Volume I if you missed it!