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Disrupt List: Volume I

Disruption is a popular buzzword, but it means more than just an SEO-friendly click.

We partnered with many disruptive makers, artists, and brands for #DisruptSTORY. Inspired by these partners, we asked them to share who inspires their work, and who encapsulates what it means “to disrupt” in their minds.

This is Volume I of our three-part Disrupt List series. Read on for the thought-leaders that our favorite disruptors idolize.

Nomad designs innovative smartphone and smart watch accessories for the user on the move with an emphasis on utility and premium materials. Who, to them, encapsulates Disruption?

Elon Musk. He tackles some of the world’s biggest challenges as well as opportunities, and does it with speed and style. -Noah Dentzel & Brian Hahn, Founders

3V Gear
3V Gear works directly with factories and sells directly to customers, subverting the traditional supply chain whenever possible to make top-quality survival, sport, and outdoor accessories accessible. Their iconic Velox II backpack is carried by Mr. Robot‘s protagonist Elliot Alderson. Who is their disruptor of choice?

Harry’s. We appreciate how they went into an over-saturated market and thought they could do it better. It took a lot of cojones. -Daniel Beck, Founder

BrandNewNoise hand-crafts voice recorders in a small, justice-motivated workshop. Layered with character and inspiring genuine joy, they speak to users’ inner child (or inner recording artist). Read more about their story here, and find their many Disrupt List picks below.

There are plenty of brands, entrepreneurs, and innovators that BrandNewNoise finds disruptive; from how a company is run, products that challenge industry standards, or ideas that change our way of seeing. Arduino, Moog Music, Adafruit, Landon Nordeman Photography, Solight Design, Ecovative, Teenage Engineering, and all those who believe in creating an economy that builds community. -Richard Upchurch, Founder

That’s it for Volume I of The Disrupt List. Visit #DisruptSTORY to see our partners’ products in person!