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In Conversation With…
The Beauty Chef

Carla Oates has seemingly always been a whiz in the kitchen, but what she cooks up might surprise you. Dubbed The Beauty Chef, Carla’s talents lie in batches of gut-loving, bio-fermented and probiotic-rich skincare products. Chew on that and more in our interview with fabulous founder of this Australian beauty brand!

What inspired you to create skincare from scratch?
When I started out, some 17 years ago, I was working as beauty editor and became concerned with the amount of toxic chemicals in skincare products and I felt very passionate about helping to change the paradigm in the beauty industry.

During this time I made all my own skincare from scratch from plants and organic foods and was giving them to friends and family to use, and one thing that really stood out was the difference in my and my family’s skin and people’s skin was when they ate my lacto-fermented vegetables. People were addicted to my fermented veggies and kefir coconut water! As I result, I started experimenting with lacto-fermenting different blends of skin-loving ingredients, and the result was my Inner Beauty Powder, now named GLOW, which is rich in bio-vailable nutrients and probiotics—promoting gut health and skin radiance from the inside out.

Any daily morning rituals?
I live on Sydney’s Bondi Beach so I start my day with a walk or run along the beach. When I come home I drink a glass of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder in purified water, because beauty really does begin in the belly!

Favorite ingredient to work with and why?
The mother culture that we introduce to our wholefood formulas. It’s made up of a variety of lactic acid-producing bacteria that break down the ingredients, to make the nutrients more bio-avaialbe to the body as well as creating a natural broad-spectrum probiotic.

Who inspires you?
Many peole inspire me! To name a couple, Dr Susan Carland, who is an outstanding advocate for gender equality and challenges assumptions people make about what it means to be a Muslim woman. She is also an ambassador for Impossible Dreams International, a charity for AIDS orphans in Swaziland, and an advocate for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which works for refugees in Australia. Also the incredible and ever so stylish Gloria Steinem, a trailblazer and a pioneer for women rights, Gloria’s work as a journalist and feminist is iconic. I’m also inspired by David Attenboroug, Patty Smith, Georgia O’Keefe, Jane Goodall, Michael Pollan and many others!

Items always in your fridge?
The Beauty Chef GLOW and CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powders, sheep’s yoghurt, Pepe cultured butter, tamari almonds, fermented veggies, almond milk, chia puddings, herb pesto, goats cheese, gravalax and bliss balls.

Any hidden talents?
I had a girl band in my early twenties. I wrote the songs and played guitar.

Favorite place to eat healthy in Sydney?
Lox Stock & Barrel in Bondi and Cornersmith in Marrickville.

A fun fact we can’t learn about you from Google?
My family call me Coco.

Favorite subject in school?
Modern History.

What can we look forward to you making in the future?
Many more gut loving, bio-fermented and probiotic-rich products–for beauty from the inside out.

I’m very excited about launching SLEEP Inner Beauty Powder in the US next month. It is our first listed medicine in Australia. Good sleep is one of the most important beauty aids and essential for glowing skin and good health and one of the most least talked about. It’s one of the first things to be sacrificed with fast-paced lifestyles and increasing levels of stress being the new norm.

SLEEP is a delicious and powerful blend of more than 10 carefully selected ingredients including passionflower, lemon balm, bio-fermented turmeric and pawpaw leaf, sour cherry, clove bud, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper. Its rich, spicy flavor is delicious in warmed nut milk before bed to receive anxiety, promote deep sleep and fix skin issues from the inside out.

The Beauty Chef in six words?
Beauty does begin in the belly.