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Tech Accessories To Keep You On Track

Bing. Bleep. Buzz. Ding.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s hard to stay focused in the 21st-century. Some sort of machine is trying to get our attention 24/7. How are we supposed to get anything done?!

Thankfully, some of our partners have developed amazing tools that can help us conquer our work more quickly:

Stay Prepared

Nomad Universal Cables

Power up with these cables made from ultra-rugged ballistic nylon. They’ll withstand any journey, whether you’re backpacking across Europe or commuting uptown. Plus, they’re compatible with iOs and Android. Yeah, your charging dreams just came true.

Stay Clean



Here’s a fact that you can’t unlearn: your phone has 18x more germs than a public restroom.

That’s why Phonesoap is here to clean up your act. Its UV sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria, while 2 charging ports allow it to act as a universal charger. Sorry, gross microorganisms: your time has come.

Stay Charged


In an ideal world, no one would have to carry around a battery pack. Or charging cords. Or the fear of their phone going dead on them. Lifecard from PlusUs is here to give your device the juice it needs, without taking up a ton of space in your bag.

This handy lil’ charger is the size of a credit card. Plus, with finishes like 20 karat yellow gold, it won’t ruin your look. Welcome to the 21st century, mobile chargers.

Look Out

Orbit for Glasses

Have you ever lost something, and felt like you were going totally crazy? We definitely have. And the feeling is worse when it’s something really important –– like your glasses.The Orbit discreetly fits on the arm of most prized possession, then allows you to track it via Bluetooth. It will even beep loudly if you think you’re within earshot!

The downside? You can’t use the “I lost my glasses” excuse for being late anymore. Worth it.

Stay Organized

Solgaard backpack

There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared in a meeting. Your phone is dead, you’re missing an important file, and your gym clothes just spilled onto the floor. It’s kind of hard to feel professional.

Thankfully, the folks behind the Solgaard backpack that will keep your organization game on point. This bag has solar-powered charger + speakers, a separator for your work and personal items, and an integrated lock to protect everything. It’s backpack nirvana for anyone who can’t get back to their apartment to grab something.

Stay Focused

Master and Dynamic headphones

Tune out the world and drop into a flow state with these Master and Dynamics headphones. They have a stylin’ aluminum body that will withstand decades of use…or a few accidental drops on the sidewalk. Plus, they block out noise like nobody’s business–– even your roommate’s snoring.