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Take the Coach by Cigna App Offline at STORY

How do you feel today? Go ahead really ask yourself. Of course, you want to feel great every day – but there are times when things pile up and life wears you down. Headaches, heartburn, major milestones, and maybe a missed check-up are all going to happen…you’re only human. Enter Cigna’s healthy coaching app: Coach by Cigna. It is designed to be your partner when it comes to taking care of yourself, serving as an easy-to-use digital health guidance tool that will get you focused on what matters most to you.

Have questions? Get answers in person when Cigna’s Coach by Cigna contributors join us for “Good Talks”,  a series of discussions around some of today’s most important topics – from goal setting and nutrition to heart health and prevention.

Good Talk: From Goal Setting to Go-Getting in 2016

Kristen Seymour editor of Fit Bottomed Girls and a Coach by Cigna contributor joins a panel discussion with Pilates instructor and founder of Studio 26, Jared Kaplan and Ingredient1 founder Taryn Fixel, moderated by the co-founder of Well + Good. Topics will touch on how to set and achieve realistic goals and avoid the road blocks that often impede personal growth. Wednesday, January 20th; 6-8pm

Good Talk: Taking Prevention To Heart

Dr. Sheila Sudhakar, Sr. Medical Director, Cigna Medical Group and a contributor to Coach by Cigna helps lead a conversation on cardiovascular health, focusing on the things we can do every day to take better care of our hearts. Known for her holistic approach, Dr. Sheila will touch on why small lifestyle changes can make a significant difference when it comes to caring for your heart. Tuesday, February 9th; 6-8pm

Good Talk: Real Food Heals 

Alice Foster, Registered Nutritionist and a contributor to Coach by Cigna, joins a panel discussion on the healing power of foods, from buzz-worthy ingredients to the all-powerful super foods. Yahoo Health Editor in Chief Michele Promaulayko will drive the discussion with panelists Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, co-founders of Sakara Life and Dr. Frank Lipman. Tuesday, February 16th; 6-8pm