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Success STORY: Beth Macri On Pitch Night, Quitting Your Day Job

How does a structural engineer go from creating facades one day to having her eponymous line of jewelry featured on The View? In designer Beth Macri’s case it was as easy as ready, set, pitch. Here the maker behind the “Hidden Message” necklaces shares her Pitch Night success STORY – from expectations to how it changed her career.

What were your expectations going into pitch night?  It is hard to say that I had “expectations”, they were more like “hopes.”  I hoped I could concisely tell my story and where the designs originated.  And I hoped this would help me launch my product.

What were you doing before pitch night career wise?  I was working as a structural engineer for the facade on the Barclay’s Arena.  I had just gotten my graduate degree from Steven’s Institute of Technology in the Product Architecture Lab and was frustrated that I still wasn’t designing -I was just making other people’s designs a reality.

Can you describe the experience of being there, what happened?  I walked up to STORY and couldn’t believe the amount of people!  I took a number, grabbed a beer and waited for my turn.  I was surrounded by so many creative minds holding items that ranged from rugs to intricate electronic do-dads (I think that is the technical term.)  It felt good to be surrounded by design and creativity, but I was also nervous to present my necklaces.

 How has it changed your career? Immensely!  Rachel and the Story team gave me a chance to pursue my dreams of being a jewelry designer.  Their wonderful reaction to the necklaces validated the time, effort and investment that I’d put into the product.  Getting the necklaces out to the consumer and having a ground-breaking retail space as my platform has been a dream.  I don’t see a future where I will go back to structural engineering – it wasn’t a bad gig, it just wasn’t for me.

Short term + long term goals for your line? Short term: we’ve expanded the line to include numbers and symbols (the hash-tag…how else would one wear a Twitter handle?) Long term: we’d like to add more collections. This chapter in my career is just starting and I am looking forward to embedding more meaning into jewelry, breaking a few rules, and having a great partnership with such an innovative retail space.

Think you’ve got the goods to be follow in Beth’s footsteps. Show up to STORY on June 26 for the second installment in our pitch night series. RSVP to [email protected]

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