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Storytellers Share Their Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from our crazy family to yours! We took a little time out from eating to share what our Storytellers are thankful for, and their favorite Thanksgiving dish. We wish you a wonderful holiday filled with gratitude and great food!


Grateful for: Although my family aren’t local, I’m thankful I’ve also been able to create a family here in NYC!
Favorite dish: As someone who doesn’t eat meat, Thanksgiving sides are actually one of the best meals of the year! I particularly love a good green bean casserole; I didn’t figure out that my mom’s wasn’t her own or a family recipe until I went off to college and read the recipe on the back of a can!


Grateful for: I’m thankful for my closest friends who I can always count on.
Favorite dish: Stuffing!!


Grateful for: I moved to New York City this year, and I’m so grateful to be here!
Favorite dish: Thanksgiving is around my birthday, so I’m grateful for birthday cake!
Favorite STORY Thanksgving find: And I’ll take the W&P Design Moscow Mule kit any day!


Grateful for: There are so many things that I am thankful for: clean water, good health, wonderful food, neat clothes, fresh air, my bow & cello, and the roof over my head. If I had to pick one thing to place atop the list, it would be all the laughter and experiences that I’ve shared and created with family and friends. I will get to cherish these memories for a lifetime.
Favorite dish: I’ve gotta say that my mom’s yams are my favorite. The yams are made with ginger, nutmeg, cognac, cinnamon, CLASSIFIED, and brown sugar. Then, they’re baked to perfection.


Grateful for: I’m grateful for the Macy’s Day parade! It’s always great to see how happy it makes so many kids.
Favorite dish: Anything pumpkin or apple-spiced. Or any kind of yam situation!!
Favorite STORY Thanksgiving find: Compartes’ Apple Pie Chocolate Bar!!!


Grateful for: I’m grateful for my baby girl. She’s one year old now and so much fun. And of course my husband.
Favorite dish: Definitely my mom’s stuffing.


Grateful for: I haven’t been abducted by aliens yet….
Favorite dish: Corn and wild rice pudding! I found the recipe on Food Network years ago and I always make it. [Check it out, readers].  And fingerling potatoes with fig and garlic. I’ll top it off with some Sel Magique.


Grateful for: I’m thankful that I have a family that shares the same values with me.
Favorite dish: My favorite dish is a topping – mushroom gravy!!