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Storytellers Share Their Favorite Moments of 2016

No matter where you fall personally or politically, there’s no denying that 2016 was one long, strange trip of a year. We regrouped with our Storytellers to share their high moments of 2016 – both at STORY and in their personal lives. Here’s a look back at what we saw, experienced, and conquered.


“My jewelry line, Brooklyn Heavy Metal, had a really great year! I spent a lot of time at my studio and made it to a few flea markets in the city.”


“My favorite moment of 2016 was when I got to live out my lifelong dream of swimming with otters this summer!  As you can see, we became best friends and still text each other sometimes.”


“During holiday turnover, I got the chance to help Mel [STORY’s Visual Merchandizer] merch some of the product. It opened new doors for me and it was extremely enjoyable!”


“My favorite moment this year was my helicopter ride over the Vegas Strip for my 30th Birthday. It was beautiful, thrilling, and totally out of the box – everything I wanted it to be!”


“I got to catch Mark Morris’ The Hard Nut at the Brooklyn Academy of Music…twice! I went for the first time with a good friend, and then I just had to take my Dad back to experience it. Beautiful and quirky choreography + a full orchestra playing Tchaikovsky was just the thing to put me into the holiday spirit.”


“Going to Chiang Mai, Thailand with my bestie, Sean, in July and meeting these incredible creatures at the Elephant Park Santuary was definitely my high moment! There are no performances or riding of any kind. Just trekking through the jungle alongside them. #Inspiring #DoraTheExplorer #2016.”


“I still love experiencing fall in New York City – especially in Central Park! I love the cooler air that comes in and the beautiful rainbow colors that this creates. There’s nothing like it, and it reminds me to be grateful!”

My favorite moment of 2016 was during the summer. My grandma and aunt came to visit from St.Lucia. They stayed with us for two months, and I cherished every second that I got to spend with them. In August, we had to take a family portrait, and no one was ready on time. My dad put on a nice shirt and a blazer, but he couldn’t be bothered to change out of his pajama pants and flip flops. My mom was out running errands since the morning, so she showed up two hours late. My sister was vexed, she couldn’t stand the wait. My niece and nephew kept rolling around in the grass, ignoring my aunt’s plea to keep their clothes out of the dirt. I got to sit next to my grandma, and listen to her make fun of everyone in the middle of all the chaos. Honestly, I think the photographer would have walked out on us if he wasn’t married to my cousin.