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Storytellers’ Favorite ’90s Trends

From slap bracelets, to Zach Morris, to all things slime, our Storytellers have gotten up close and personal with the ’90s throughout #RememberWhenSTORY. Today they’re sharing their favorite ’90s trends – and how the memories can live on (and on) with products found within our four walls. Here’s their low down:

Favorite Trend: “Don’t get me wrong, I loved neon sunblock as much as the next guy but my favorite ’90s trend was definitely ‘Girl Power!’ ‘Girl Power’ was more than a cute catchphrase; it was a major mainstream message that girls and women were powerful, especially when they worked together. I was all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer – equally adept at battling zits and Hellmouth demons, the Spice Girls (btw, loving our Kayci Wheatley Spice Girls pouch, above!), and Janet Jackson. And who can forget Lilith Fair? Sarah McLachlan brought together the most insane ’90s lady lineup proving that female acts were a huge draw, while Alanis, Gwen, and Shirley rocked the airwaves along with new generations of envelope-pushing girl groups En Vogue, TLC, and Destiny’s Child.”
Store Pick: “Kayci Wheatley pouches (especially the Spice Girls!)”

Favorite Trend: “I was a total geek for fanny packs and lace-trimmed socks. And while I wasn’t personally allowed to have any, hair wraps were THE epitome of cool. Fortunately, we have some excellent neon fanny packs in store. And we have hair wrap packs complete with direction and materials. Dreams do come true!! …Just sixteen years after they were in their prime.” 
Store Pick: “
Definitely the Mokuyobi fanny packs!”

Favorite Trend: “I got really into digital pets, particularly Tamagotchis. They started out as amorphous little blobs, but depending on how well you fed them, played with them, and cleaned up their poop – they could grow into all kinds of odd and awkward forms….Which I guess I empathized with as an odd and awkward kid.”
Store Pick: “Wattz Up makes a sweet Tamagotchi charger, and fittingly, their exclusive collaboration with #RememberWhenSTORY keeps my smartphone alive and well.”

Favorite Trend: Goosebumps!!  I “remember when” I read my first Goosebumps book I was IN LOVE! I would always be on the lookout in a bookstore – what mother could say no to her son wanting to read, even though she hated the covers? After a while, I read all of them, and had outgrown them, so I sold my collection at a yard sale for 50 cents each. One parent bought most of them. I felt good that they were going to another kid who was eager to be thrilled, scared, and undeniably share the love I had for them. Thank you R.L. Stine!!”
Store Pick: “Speaking of books I love, Graphic Image’s classics are awesome!”

Miss your favorite ’90s trends? Throwback and relive the memories @thisisstory!