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This Weekend F Stands for…Finale

On International Women’s Day we joined the global conversation around the #FWord through the launch of STORY that asked how women and men today relate to the topic of feminism, in its many forms. With micro-themes ranging from Fatherhood and Fair Trade to Feeling Confident and Finance, the idea was to create a space where there wasn’t one word that encapsulated the modern feminist, but many. Naturally the products featured in-store were as varied as the viewpoints, ranging from Elvie, an app-enabled Kegel trainer and Thinx’s innovative period-poof underwear to Hatch Collection’s modern maternity wear and dresses from DVF.

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If the merchandise made you think (or Thinx), it was the concept’s event programming that truly ignited how women and men today are rallying around the topic of feminism and defining it on their own terms. Whether it was supermodel Ashley Graham’s charge to women to be bold,  Sophia Amoruso’s advice for aspiring girl bosses or Susan Lyne and Sallie Krawcheck’s thoughts on women and money, the conversations that took place throughout this STORY gave a fresh dimension to the topics surrounding feminism.

As always we couldn’t have told this STORY without the talents of our collaborators, from artist Samantha Hahn’s dreamy watercolor illustrations to interior designer Succi Reddy’s thoughtful approach to the design of our space. If discovering how these two creators applied their vision to our STORY isn’t enough, stop by this weekend to soak up the last bits of #FWord, whether shopping inspiring merchandise or taking time to digest content from SheKnows and Makers Women.


F Word Story ends Sunday April 3rd.