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Love Story

Love, We miss you. Truly. We miss your stories – the romantic recollections of chance encounters, passionate moments,  and the one that got away. To prove our unwavering devotion, we wanted to give you something – a love STORY of your own. Inspiring it: designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, the creators of 40 Days of […]

Meet The Only Hearts Pair Making Sexy Comfortable

We rarely equate getting cozy with feeling sexy. So call Only Hearts‘ lingerie a classic case of opposite attraction, its pieces serving up the smolder with a side of softness. As its founders, mother and daughter team Helena and Kaya Stuart, tell it, their goal is to make women feel feminine and confident in all […]

Prevent FOMO, Pick Up "40 Days of Dating" Merch

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) be a cruel mistress. So in the interest of preventing regret, we wanted to give you a few more days to scoop up the insanely Instagram-worthy merch we designed exclusively for this STORY with our collaborators, Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh – also known as the creators of 40 Days […]

Love: Simon Alcantara + Armand Diradourian

Your closet called, it’s getting tired of the way things have been going. See also: the thrill is gone. Thankfully, there’s a super simple way to spice things up and rekindle the romance you once had with color and texture. The first step is to get over your hang-ups and give into your want for […]

Gotham Glow Cures the Common Cold

Layer removal should begin any day now. Not ready to let your skin see the light of day? Cue Gotham Glow. As the local experts in glow getting, they make faking it look entirely natural (and gorgeous) with their signature sunless tan. So what separates a “Gotham Glow?” Founder Tamar Vezirian describes her’s as a […]

Make a Date: It's the Last Week of LOVE STORY

It was so good while it lasted, but we both know this wasn’t meant for forever. So LOVE, after a 40-day fling, it’s about time to go our separate ways. You’re not ready? You need more time together? Since we love you, we’ll give it a week. That means you have until Sunday to experience […]

"Love Project" Answers What is Love?

Love – what exactly is it? It’s a question with a million answers but one that continues to inspire a closer look by everyone from 40 Days of Dating creators’ Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman to Joe Plummer of Gotta Kid to Feed Productions and director of the “Love Project.” Turning his lens on life’s […]

Kiss and Make Up with a Beauty Guru's Picks

The cosmetics department is like a bar filled with bachelors: appealing in theory yet entirely overwhelming (and sometimes disappointing.) Since there’s no Tinder for lipstick and perfume, we enlisted our friend, beauty guru Sandi Burrows to aid in our matchmaking. A rep for some of the most exclusive beauty brands, Sandi is responsible for bringing […]

Kusmi Tea Likes It Hot, Tells Its Love Story

What’s love got to do with it? For Kusmi Teas, a whole lot. The product of a 140-year devotion to tea craft, the gourmet line features both traditional and unexpected blends (including a special love brew) with flavors and ingredients sourced from around the world. Hot right? Read on to discover how this brand always […]

The Sill Founder Wants You To Love Plants

Like falling in L-O-V-E, there’s nothing easy about becoming a plant person. Consider Eliza Sill a green-thumb wielding love doctor. As the founder of The Sill, she aims to bridge the gap between plants and people and inspire healthy live-in relationships. Here she shares what she loves about her job and her secret (slightly prickly) […]

Stop Searching, Find Prints Charming

What happens when you date one of your friends for 40 days? For most of us, a few awkward feelings. For designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, 40 days was enough to inspire a blog as well as 80+ original works by top graphic artists. Pairing expressive typography with sentiments taken from the blog, Jessica […]

Make A Public Display of Affection With LeSportsac

When it comes to love, we’ve all got baggage. But does yours look like this? Bold and graphic, the exclusive collection comes care of a collaboration between NY-artist Curtis Kulig and accessories brand, LeSportsac. Asked to treat the brand’s durable totes, backpacks, and weekenders as a canvas, Kulig turns his signature “Love Me” script from […]

Jessica Walsh + Tim Goodman Talk Love After 40 Days

Weren’t completely satisfied with the ending of social experiment gone viral, 40 Days of Dating? Whelp…we’re getting its creators Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman back together (sort of.) Need a refresher course? Two friends and NYC designers with opposite relationship problems decide to date each other for 40 days and blog about the experience as […]

Before Love…Dating Stories with Writer Jen Glantz

Can’t help falling into awkward situations? We get it – so does writer Jen Glantz. As the author of “All My Friends Are Engaged,” Jen has turned her single girl love/horror stories into a collection of funny yet heartfelt essays. Think bad dates, worse date, and the time her mom tried to J-date for her. […]

Spice It Up In the Bedroom with Casa&Co.

Thanks to Esther Perel‘s book “Mating in Captivity” we know, erotic life and domesticity can be uneasy partners. Want to spice up your bedroom? Meet Casa&Co., a handmade line that makes a case for pillow talk. Made in Wisconsin by Ashley Gries, each piece is designed to be a modern heirloom backed by an attention […]

Missed Connections? Drinks + Social Strategy with The Professional Wingman

How many “missed connections” will it take you to realize that your in-person game could use a little assistance. You know, like a friend to make a not-creepy-introduction and then get out of the way? Enter: Thomas Edwards, the founder of The Professional Wingman, a matchmaking-meets-consulting service. But Thomas is a lot more than the […]

Love and LOLZ Tomorrow at STORY

Looking for someone to make you laugh? We’ve got a little something in-store. At STORY tomorrow, up-and-comers from the NYC comedy including Courtney Maginnis, Sal Seah, Matt Elisofon, Kyle Ayers and Conor Boylan join us for a night of love stories – the good, the bad, and the hilariously ugly. Writers, comedians, and artists – […]

3 Ways to Get Your Man to Commit

He believes there’s always something better around the corner. Looking to get this relationship-phobic guy to settle down? Make the commitment worth it with the “one” brand of underwear he’ll want to need, a scent he’ll keep around forever, and a plant to improve his cohabitation skills. Bread and Boxers: This Swedish basics brand gets […]

Single? Let's Fix That Tomorrow at STORY!

If you’re single, chances are you’re online dating. It’s easier than handing out your number on the subway, right? The thing is, the digital matchmaking playground has become a cluster-four-letter-word. And ‘easy’ isn’t exactly how we’d describe filling out a 7-page profile and decoding virtual winks, smiles and likes. Disheartened? Laurie Davis, the founder of […]

Who Do You Love?

One true love? We don’t believe it for a second. We’ve got all different sorts of love – from leading men to beautiful babes. Here’s how to show them (all) a little love. Little Loves: The cutest couple from a galaxy far far away adorns a super soft tee from mi cielo, teaching your little […]

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

You know the drill: flowers, chocolates, lingerie. But you don’t know them like this. Flowers: Bouquet from the bodega? You can do better. Make an arrangement with The Sill, a potted plant design and delivery service specializing in easy-care greenery. Succulents and cacti come with a colorful planter and care instructions – so sort of […]

Sew What? Cards with Brooklyn Craft Co.

Love making? Meet Brooklyn Craft Company, a newish spot for grown-ups to get their craft on. Founded by DIY expert Brett Bara, the the idea first materialized as Brooklyn Craft Camp. But now Bara has expanded the concept into a permanent studio in Greenpoint that offers classes in everything from jewelry making to glass etching […]

What's Popping? Make Valentines with the CMA

Know a kiddo who loves to craft? Make a play date with the Children’s Museum of the Arts. Known for its hands on approach to getting kids closer to the arts, the local museum is all for activities that cultivate creativity and an interest in making things. Think classes taught by professional artists that range […]

Scent and Storytelling with 12.29

Our sense of smell shares much in common with love. It is mysterious, misunderstood, and elusive – though you always know when it’s present. Like a lover, our attraction to a specific scent is complicated. Is it the pretty packaging? Or something chemical? Answer: we wish we knew. Enter, Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, founders of […]

Get Carded by the Creators of "40 Days of Dating"

You know the STORY right? Quick recap: Graphic designer friends, Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, decide to give dating each other a try and document the experiment with feelings and fonts on their site, 40 Days of Dating. While the match didn’t last, the true story of two singles trying to find love in NYC […]