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It’s back and this time with a different spin, welcome to Love STORY, a dynamic assortment driven by female-owned brands and startups that present endless ways to show your love or indulge in well-deserved self-love.  To kick off NYFW enjoy our self-love pit-stop with Daily Harvest smoothies and taste their newest addition, Functional Lattes! New fresh […]

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Skin Founder Susan Beischel

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START SKIN? I always wanted to have my own company, but I wasn’t sure what my “big idea” was. After being on the retail side of fashion for 18 years, opening a Jil Sander store, and buying for high end designer stores, I found myself still searching for meaning. I appreciated […]

IN LOVE WITH: Rockets of Awesome + Chasing Paper

Run by a a team of moms, dads, aunts, and uncles who are inspired by their kids, Rockets of Awesome creates fun, versatile and on-trend pieces for kids sizes 2-14. (and, while we a rarely ever talk price, we thought you would want to know that everything is easily mixed and matched and under $40). […]

Mere Knit’s WanYi Chow Talks Pitch Night & Dishwashers

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT* EXPERIENCE. The idea of giving a pitch sounded very intimidating to me but at STORY it was laid back and fun! I LOVED those Momofuku cookies and beer offered when I was waiting to pitch, and the mix of talented people I talked to made it a great experience! […]

IN CONVERSATION WITH: It’s By U Founders (& Sisters!) Caroline + Christine Strzalka

IT’S BY U BREAKS FROM TRADITIONAL FLOWER DELIVERY SERVICES. HOW DID YOU COME UP FOR THE IDEA TO SHIP DIRECTLY FROM GROWERS? Christine, an award-winning florist, realized that the faster a flower can get from the field to your vase at home, the healthier it will be, the longer it will last, and the more value […]

Verte Essentials Pitch Night

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. I was the first one to pitch. So in a sense – no pressure or all the pressure. Haha. It was great. Everyone was so encouraging and all the people I met in line and in waiting at the event have been great connections too. ANY STAND OUT […]

IN CONVERSATION: Wooln Knitwear Founders Faustine & Margaux

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. I think Pitch Night is the best thing in the fashion industry! No line sheets, no look books, no email, it is just the founder, the products, and the story that links them! I’ll confess that I was stressed about it, but it was a lot of fun […]

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Love STORY Designer Tini Cochran

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR APPROACH TO DESIGN? I consider myself to be person with “extra” qualities and my life and career has always been an effort to be over the top but aesthetically pleasing – I did grow up in Texas where everything is bigger and this comes out a lot in my designs. […]

Pitch Night Throwback: Happinz

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE.   Pitch night was so fun and so exciting and really nerve racking! We had no idea what to expect so we arrived early and were one of the first few people on line. It was actually nice to spend some time talking to all the other entrepreneurs […]

Jonathan Rosen’s Genius (and fun!) ‘I Love’ High Tech Mirror

We fell in love with a similar experience Jonathan created for Refinery 29’s 29 Room’s so we hit him up on Instagram and 24 hrs later we had a plan!  How does it work?  Glad you asked….  It’s an interactive mirror powered by a small computer that displays a database of over 500 ‘loves’ at […]

IN LOVE WITH: Mignonne Gavigan Pins!

Intricately beaded pins celebrate talented women while adding some flair to whatever you put them on.  We loved them so much, we asked her to make one just for us of Oprah! (coming soon).   Stop by to check them out IRL and you can also see our wide assortment of different four legged friends as […]

It’s A Date! Pitch Night Debut

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. Pitch night was a truly exciting experience! We were a little nervous, almost like going on a first date!  But, there was a great supportive crowd of other entrepreneurs who were in the same boat talking about their products and experiences which calmed our nerves. Once we were […]

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Daily Harvest Founder Rachel Drori

YOU MAJORED IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. HOW DID YOU END UP CREATING DAILY HARVEST? Daily Harvest was born from a personal need. I found myself working long hours and packing my weekends, which left me with little time to cook the healthy meals I wanted to be eating. I found myself resorting to take-out and processed […]

Moonlit Skincare Pitch Night

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. Like Shark Tank but with snacks. Pitch Night was a well-oiled machine and the STORY staff was so helpful throughout the entire process. Meeting other creators and founders were a major highlight. ANY STAND OUT MOMENTS FROM PITCH NIGHT? The panel’s reaction to Moonlit’s concept. They immediately understood […]

Sosa Knitwear Pitch Night

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. ANY STAND OUT MOMENTS? Pitch night was a fantastic experience. I heard about Pitch night just a few days before the event. I was completely convinced that it would already be full, but I decided to go for it anyways. Two days before Pitch night I received an […]

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Mathematics Founder Beth Macri

YOU HAVE A BACKGROUND IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND BRIDGE DESIGN. WHEN DID YOU HAVE THAT AHA MOMENT FOR PENDANT NECKLACES? I had always had an interest in product design and modern jewelry while working as a structural engineer. I was working on a few different jewelry concepts informed by parametric architecture when a friend of […]

Julie Mollo Pitch Night

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. Pitch night was so fun! It was funny because I showed up with literally a tote bag full of clutches, some line sheets I printed out on my print, business cards and a power point presentation on my laptop. No display rack, no nothing. When I got into […]

Lovewild Design Talks Pitch Night!

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE & ANY STAND OUT MOMENTS. It was a good opportunity to make me do something out of my comfort zone. I get awful anxiety putting myself out there but it was great practice in pitching. I also met some lovely people! WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START LOVEWILD DESIGN? […]

Beau Brummell Pitch Night

SHARE WITH US YOUR PITCH NIGHT EXPERIENCE. In a word, Pitch Night for me was unexpected. The night was impeccably managed by the STORY staff. I made some solid connections with fellow business owners, and got to tell my story to the panelists. Rachel immediately made the decision to include us in love STORY, and […]