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Good STORY: "A Continuous Lean" on Menswear Essentials

Never visited Michael Williams’ blog, “A Continuous Lean?”  Go. Part discovery agent, part archive of all-American style, its definitive edit offers a constant stream of stylistic inspiration. Noting his knowledge of menswear past and present we asked Williams to lend his vision to HIS STORY. Here in his own words, the why behind a few […]

New STORY: Coach Heritage Baseball Collection

America’s pastime plays muse in a major way. Step up and Tweet to win! A color commentator might call it the intersection of craftsmanship and sportsmanship. We’re calling it a home run: American maker, Coach has teamed up with two US-based companies to create a limited-edition run of high-end baseball-inspired gear and leather accessories. Up […]

Good STORY: Entertain Them

Want to throw down this independence day? Be the host with the most with essentials to make your table, drink, and BBQ a little more tasteful. Boom, this stuff is dynamite. Sel Magique: A singular mixture of salt and herbs makes these artisan salt blends oh-s0 much better than the stuff that comes in the […]

Spruce Up Your Pre-Game with Gillette + STORY

Who: NYC guys looking to spruce up before happy hour or a weekend road-trip. What: Start the weekend right: stubble-free. Whether headed out of town or around the corner to your favorite watering hole, spruce up your pre-game with cocktails and a complimentary hot towel shave from Gillette. A barber from Frank’s Chop Shop will […]

Long STORY Short: Look/See Eyewear

Your limited-edition Jordan’s stand out, so why shouldn’t your sunglasses have a point of view? Meet: Kyle Yamaguchi. His STORY begins with a pretty good gig: designing special-edition sneakers for Nike (including the pair of Marty McFly Nikes in-STORY.) When he marries an optician, he sees a chance to bring his background telling stories in-sneaker […]

Talkin' Bout Our Generation: David Kirkpatrick X David Burstein

Who: Best selling author of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick in conversation with David Burstein, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaping Our World. What: Are they the “me generation” or the “next great one?” STORY invites two of the leading voices in the increasingly important dialog surrounding the Millennial generation in […]

Pitch Night: Are You Our Prototype?

What: STORY alongside Details magazine and Birchbox Man are on the hunt for the next big thing(s) for guys in design, gear, food, or grooming. Want in? It’s as easy as ready, set, pitch… Step One: Show up with a finished product – something that’s ready to go if the right person notices. Step 2: […]

Good STORY: Listen Up

Hear something? Yeah, that’s the sound of things that will make that playlist of yours worth listening to. Whether a pair of “cooler than yours” headphones or a speaker system designed to make your bachelor pad fantasies real – discover the goods that separate the true players. McAire Speaker System: A smooth player, this standalone […]

Good STORY: Details Grooming Awards

Don’t have a style editor to fetch your grooming goods? Now you do. We’ve teamed with the authorities at Details magazine to give their grooming issue’s “best of everything” picks shelf space. They’ve sorted, scrubbed, and sniffed their way through the fray, now show up and seek out their winners. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor: A […]

Long STORY Short: Shinola Bikes

Think no one makes it like they used to? Enter: Shinola, a Detroit-based maker that refuses to accept that American-made is a thing of the past. How? By setting up shop in a storied manufacturing city and redefining luxury through quality products. The brand’s vintage-inspired road bikes and cruisers, for example are designed by Milwaukee-born […]

Good STORY: Father's Day Gift Guide

As much as we love dear old dad – he’s not the easiest guy to shop for. Lest you let indecision lead to sibling one-upery, we’ve poked around HIS-STORY for a few last minute Father’s Day gifts. Kontextur Decanter Set: If he’s a top shelf guy, raise his bar with this ultra-mod Czech crystal decanter […]

Long STORY Short: Hot Towel Shaves at STORY

Who: Frank’s Chop Shop What: Once the trip to the local barbershop was as important to a man’s routine as a trip to the confessional. In those days, grooming was  a no-fuss affair: you walked, sat back in the chair, and talked shop while your guy cleaned you up. As part of our STORY, we’ve […]

Swiller Night: Whiskey + Richart Chocolate Pairing

Who: Michel Richart, chief chocolate alchemist Richart Chocolates What: Raise your glass when chocolate purveyor and swill-enthusiast Michel Richart, puts our palettes through the paces with a course in whiskey and chocolate pairing. Richart will be sampling high-end sips, matched up with Richart’s decadent tasting chocolates. Why: This is no wine and cheese snooze fest. […]

Good STORY: Get Hungry for Handsome with STORY, Birchbox + Details

Trying to figure out what to get a man is like playing tag with a gold medal sprinter: you can’t win and odds are it will end painfully. Plus we imagine you’ve got better things to do than chase after something that will only elicit the confused, “why would you get me this” face. So […]

HIS-STORY Made! Your Shop For the Summer Is Here

It’s getting warmer, so in time for Father’s Day, BBQ season, and all things summer, we’ve teamed up with Details magazine to bring its latest issue to life in-STORY. Designed by local design and digital fabrication firm Tietz and Baccon, the concept re-configures our space as the physical extension of the magazine. Think: 2,000 square […]

Good STORY: The Graduate

One thing that makes a graduate’s entree into the real world (almost) bearable: presents. And we’re not talking about the kind fit into an envelope and are used to fund adventures in er, resume writing. So what to get that recent graduate – besides a full-time job? We did a bit of homework and scoured […]