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Stop Searching, Find Prints Charming

What happens when you date one of your friends for 40 days? For most of us, a few awkward feelings. For designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, 40 days was enough to inspire a blog as well as 80+ original works by top graphic artists.

Pairing expressive typography with sentiments taken from the blog, Jessica and Tim commissioned each print to serve as the visual complement to their daily posts. Imagine your first lovers quarrel interpreted typographically by Stefan Sagmmeister or that admission of uncertainty inspiring Julia Rothman or Alice Cho.

Thing is: many of the issues explored by 40 Days are beautifully universal i.e. perfect for hanging in the bedroom or on a living room wall. So as part of LOVE STORY, we’ve brought the collection (and the conversation) offline. Go ahead and fall for your prints charming.

Love 40 Days? Join us when its creators talk life after their experiment in love. Wednesday March 5; 6:30pm. RSVP to [email protected]