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STATE Bags Are Part of Our Pack


You’ve always had a spot in our Homeroom, but now that #NYFW is here, you’ve made it to the top of the Class of ‘91. Your co-captains and #PitchNight alumni Scott and Jacqueline Tatelman designed three slammin’ exclusive backpacks (two minis featuring a character mashup and abstract stripes, as well as a big kidz’ pack). Plus for every bag purchased, you donate a backpack full of essential tools for success – or, as you call it, a #givebackpack – to an American student in need! Striking style meets doing good? We’re calling it a win-win.


There’s more where that came from! Checkout more #NYFW exclusive collaborations at #RememberWhenSTORY this week! OR, snag a pack at Neiman Marcus if you can’t make it to NYC.