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Carly Chaikin Is In-Step With Disruption

Dear Carly Chaikin,

Remember when we were feeling a little rebellious and teamed up with USA’s Mr. Robot to Disrupt the status quo? Our STORY would have been incomplete without Y-O-U: The formidable actress who plays Mr. Robot’s Darlene and moonlights as a painter. You created your own colorful rendering of the mask that conceals the identity of fsociety’s ringleader, and naturally it was something we felt we had to sport around. So we reached out to Stance – the brand that redefines wearable self-expression and embraces the spirit of individuality…and the rest was history. Our Disrupt STORY collaboration was 100% in-step with disruption.


It seemed only fitting that we brought our collab back for Love STORY. But this time around, we teamed up with Living Royal – a brand that takes a stand against taking socks for granted. And because we’re celebrating passion projects these days, we’re loving this expressive STORY-exclusive that merges art, a distinct voice, and disruptive apparel.

Thanks for being bold.