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The Steps SOLS Takes to Optimize Orthotics

The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented, but getting back on your feet can be a struggle when you have pain that needs more focused care than generic orthotics can provide. With both feet firmly planted in the 21st century, SOLS 3D-prints insoles specific to your needs, and they were willing to put their feet up for long enough to chat with us about their model.

Just to get a foot in the door, can you explain SOLS’ mission?

We’re here to answer the call of over 250 million Americans who suffer from foot, ankle, and back pain by providing custom relief that’s affordable. Whether it’spreventing the pain ahead or tackling it head on – we’re here to support your feet so you can take on the world.

Are SOLS made for people in extreme pain?

With 3D-printing, we can make SOLS for anyone. For Relief Seekers, we’ve built a shock-absorbing cushion to alleviate aches and pains. For Posture Enthusiasts, a biomechanically engineered shell hugs the heel and the arch to stabilize and promote proper form. For Movement Addicts, our dynamic structure redistributes ground forces to propel you forward from heel to toe.

So you can meet a very diverse set of orthotic needs.

Yes, and it all comes back to freeing the feet. In the most basic sense, it’s about offering a respite from pain while giving people the freedom to stand tall and walk strong. We want SOLS to provide the support you need to walk with ease. To spend the day in the park with your kids, too go for a post-work run after a day on your feet, to leave your “commute shoes” behind– To make every single day better than the last.

It’s an innovative approach. How did it start?

SOLS is a culmination of a few experiences. Our founder, Kegan, grew up wearing orthotics, and they meant she wasn’t able to wear the shoes she wanted to wear. She’d been experimenting with 3D printing since college and become obsessed with bringing that technology to the mass market. She knew that if she were to build something on a mass scale, it should be about responding to a very simple, human, everyday problem—and addressing it with technology. That’s what SOLS does.

We’re excited to share it with our customers. Any parting words of wisdom or advice for our followers?

Always be active. You don’t have to go to the gym to workout. You can go for a walk, bike to work, dance in your apartment (we won’t judge!). Just don’t be sedentary. If you rest, you rust.

Inc 30 Under 30 – Kegan Schouwenburg from SOLS on Vimeo.